Daily club bonus

Anyone else have their volcano erupt every single day and not be able to get the daily club bonus? It never used to erupt this often. For the 6th day now it has and you have to use all your money and free lives to get that under control just to get a little bonus.

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If any member in your club is just racking up points and not getting any tributes, especially if they are playing the Rescue Mission, the volcano will rise quickly. Tributes are what calms the volcano down, so all members should contribute if they don’t want the volcano to erupt.

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@Carrie_Mantle our volcano erupts way more than it used to!

As Colibri stated, the volcano will rise when people are “racking up points and not getting any tributes.”

In the past, I have booted high scorers who seem to enjoy seeing the volcano heat up. I do chat a reminder that people who heat it up are responsible for cooling it down, before going idle…that they need to ‘clean up their own messes.’ I do have a really great player - new to the game - who isn’t getting the message. Reset may see her looking for another club.