Crystal Core level 701

Can someone please tell me how to unlock crystal core level 701?? Several of the top performing members in my club I have this level but I do not. I have finished every single island and all of the expert levels but I still can’t find crystal core level 701. I’ve asked my teammates and they are unsure how they got it… Any ideas?

@Tracy, @Tasha, @CindyLu, do any of you have an answer for her? I’m not that far in the game yet. Thank you!


Have you updated the game? There’s a whole new set of islands called “tiki paradise” that should be next when you finish tiki seas. I forget how many islands, maybe 5? I’m all caught up until they add new levels on tiger island.

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Sorry no help here @Terbaer I’m not that far…but I’m past it…
I purchased tiki paradise when I first started as players in my club were talking about it having double stack. !

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@Tak_Irkeni sincerely apologize! I just looked at my game. It is the last game in Tiki Seas. You should have the option to go on to the next level and a whole new world as Reb123 indicated. I agree, if it isn’t available to you, try closing the game and reopening it. If it still doesn’t work, as long as you are connected to Facebook, or I believe am Apple user, you can uninstall and reinstall the game. So sorry I didn’t do a little research before I answered.


I’m not that far either, sorry

I have been asking the same question but no one on my team will answer. I’ve noticed that any of my friends that are really scoring high are all playing on that but I do not have it and I am also as far as you can go and I finished everything. I have tried 1 million different things but nothing will work. If you find anything out please share

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