Creating a new playing account

How does one go about setting up a second account for playing the game? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @155778, here is an answer I gave on another similar topic. If you need more details, or if this doesn’t answer your question, let us know :slight_smile:

How can I be part of 2 clubs? One serious, One fun?

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I have been in 4 clubs at once. I use multiple devices. I tried to make another facebook account so I could link it but was unable. I’m not tech savvy.
So, I log in, and log out on each device. It gets very confusing.

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@MACDULAY, just to be clear, you have 4 TriPeaks accounts, but only 1 FB account?

To create a 2nd FB account, you have to log out of FB, then at the sign in screen, choose Create account.

Let me know if I’m on the right track to help you :slight_smile:

How can I make/ start a new account without facebook.

@Charmm, you can only have 1 account without Facebook, unless you have more than one device

How do I create a non-facebook account? I have uninstalled Facebook on my second device but the game still brings the old account up. I have tried to open the game w/o FB but I can’t.

@Suella_Chapman, do you have an iPhone or iPad by chance? If so, it seems safari stores game info. Some of our members have solved game issues by clearing safari cache.

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Thanks Cyndi Lu. I’ll try that. Nothing else is working.

Nope. That didn’t work either. I’ll keep trying.

Oh man bummer, @Suella_Chapman! I’ve run out of ideas! :frowning: