Creating a club

The last two clubs I’ve been in have had a lot of fighting and the leaders getting mad and “yelling” at members. I want to start my own club, I want to have the accomplishment of my club succeeding and ranking up. Anyway, any tips for getting members? And what information do you think is good to know goin into it?

Here you go…

It’ll take patience to build a club. You can invite members [if Invite Only] by going to friend centers, leader boards, etc [like searching some random club] and tapping on player profile [you’ll see their stats] and you can choose to then invite. If public, anyone can join. Know your expection, and jot in the Club Notes.

Don’t get discouraged! Starting from scratch is a big task.
Let your club fill up. Seems if you have less than 20 players in your club, new players are hesitant to join.
If you intend on having a no guest rule, when a good player joins delete one.
It can take many months to build up a club, but totally doable!
Best of luck!

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We have been up and down in members. I have been a member then a coleader for about 4 years and now I am leader due to the fact that the leader could not update the game and therefore couldn’t get on to play.
We have about 12 who are committed to the game and are all team players. The only rule we enforce is to play the club quest and type in chat once that is done. As well as 1000 pts in the first 24 hours, not ig ask if they can’t manage it due to time, we ask that you let us know.
All new players have that explained to them and encouraged to ask questions.
We have had many come but they don’t follow the rules sthey are removed. It is about respect and being fair to everyone, but I will look after our loyal members
I go through other clubs and invite members on similar scores

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