Crappy Rewards for event chest

Has any one else noticed how much lower the rewards are getting? I played harvest event part 2 which included quests of 3 new games in a row and 8 new games and finally 4 new games in a row to wind up with a chest with only 1 wild 20k of coins and a few free plays. I could have gotten that from any gold chest!


Yes and for ckub quests. Play 50 games for a single wild card. No wonder people aren’t playing more!


I actually had rewards taken away - I had 5 points doubles and as of Friday all are gone.
Another on our team played a competition and was basically told she received them and had not.
It takes more to get through the weeks Tributes.
and Today, there was a challenge in the club room for 900,000 points. there is no real incentive to play anymore…

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I agree, Sue_Smith! it is ridicules. I spend a lot of money on this game.
even the rewards we get after reset (the chest) it is getting bad too.
I love this game, but if rewards and so on don’t get better I’m out.

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I agree and now the volcano erupts constantly. Cant keep up with it. Tired of spending so much money on this game

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update to my points doublers being taken away, they said I played them which I did not. and showed dates which are not times I play, no one has access to my game except me. I won’t spend more money to play the games if the rewards are going to be removed at will. (the same thing has happened in the candy crush game I play)