CQ’s require more players than we have

The past 2 cqs have suddenly required more players than we have. We are building back up & has no issues for the past 6 or so months meeting our cqs with 10 active players. Last 2 cqs required (14 first) (12 just now).

Is there a computer or algorithm glitch? Is this happening to anyone else with small teams that you’re growing?

Any help is greatly appreciated; we’re really confused as to what changed and I don’t want to lose the great players I have.

I don’t know if it’s a glitch or deliberate, but my club is facing the same problem - particularly on the tributes’ quests.

I need to figure out how to set up notifications for the forum. Sorry I missed this-it must’ve been a, computer glitch & we just had another one today, but, I think it was my fault for removing a guest right when the cq was met. If you need to remove someone, it has to be during a cq or right before the cq is near its end (either almost met or when the clock is close to running down).

First, Congratulations on the new baby!!!

I’m not sure what you’re saying, but my understanding is that removing a club member does not affect the club quest. Example: Guest has 20 of 30 required tributes, but is removed from the club. The tributes are not deducted from the club quest total. However, the club points are removed.

There are so many variables/factors involved, and they are different for each club and each club leader. If it is beneficial to the club to keep a low-performing member, I keep them. If not, I boot. We had a really great player - top scorer, maxed all quests - but the individual would not change his/her name from ‘guest’ and would not respond to many, many requests asking that it be done. Our club rules are very clear in that regard, and after a couple of days, I booted him/her. It really dropped the club in the bracket, and probably made some members unhappy. However, rules are rules. If you don’t enforce them, what’s the point of having them at all?

The decisions you make, as a leader, will always make someone unhappy. People will come. People will go. So the best thing is to set rules that work for YOU, and run the club the way you want to. After all, it IS just a game!!!