contests and fun in your club

what to other clubs do to keep the social aspect going? I know some clubs let the top player choose perk order, but what are some other fun things to do?


On Friday’s, we try to have a group drink and sing. Everyone who wants grabs a glass of wine or whatever and someone picks a song and starts posting the lyrics, others jump in throughout the song. It’s pretty cool!


We hold contests , those that get 350 tributes by Sunday reset get entered into a draw, the winner enjoys a bank week. Another is 25k b monday reset, again all those that get there gen entered in the draw, I have done a 2nd place draw where 2nd place picks perk order


We talk about everything under the sun in group chat and a couple days ago we got to chatting about Christmas baking and family traditions… so we decided to create a Facebook recipe group to exchange recipes (it’s actually open to the public)!


Hi Tiah could you add me to your recipe sharing page please

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