Complaint issues

I’m tired of clubs kicking people out without even considering their situation, we don’t have to explain our business to everyone, I’m have been playing this game for over 6years and I love it but the way I just got treated was disrespectful and I’m not having that, Southern Winds is the club I just left and I just want to play the game and have fun.

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I’m so sorry to hear that @Gina_Brown. If you’re looking for a team The Resty Place would love to have you. Here are our rules. Let me know what you think. If that is not competitive enough for you talk to me about our sister diamond league team. Just let us know if you’re going to be gone longer then 24 hrs. You don’t need to explain why. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why did they boot you?

Clubs have rules and higher leagues need steady active players. If you dont communicate your “business” or even that you will be idle without telling all your biznezz :roll_eyes: of course you will likely get the boot, its common sense.
How are the leaders supposed to know you have issues and wont be able to play if you think you shouldn’t have to say anything?

Players get disrespected all the time by power hungry tripper types but you seem to be up on a pretty high horse yourself so you get what you give.

Level yourself down for less active play and have fun in the slow lane