Collecting Tributes

When it is time to collect tributes, why are they set on stages I have already cleared? I almost don’t want to play the level because I can’t gain any red stars. Of course I still play though. :wink:


Red stars reset weekly, gold stars do not .


Hi Takisha!
You get 5 Tributes every hour. The clocks starts again after you have played all 5. You can also go to Clubhouse and click the Volcano then click Find, it will tell you how long until the next Tributes. You can pay with coins to start before the hour is up.
Hope this helps! Please come to Tiki Central! We will help you! Take care!


No, I understand how it works. I’m just saying my tributes are always on levels I have red stars on already.

Oh, yeah, it’s random and chosen by the game.

I’ve seen several posts where players advise to pay the 3,000 coins to get the early tributes because it boosts points when u find them, my question is…if u pay to get early access but do not find the tribute and don’t win the game for the extra tributes, how is spending money for access of early tributes then pay to play the game but DO NOT win either tribute…don’t u just end up spending coins for nothing?

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