Coins? How to get coins

Any ideas on making coins last when you can hardly win a game

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  1. Even though temptation is there, do not ever buy more cards!!
    2.Collect the free coins every 20 minutes as much as possible
  2. This depends on your playing. The more points you achieve the better of a club you can join. Joining a club that can for sure complete 6 perks actually does help you build your bank in the long run.
  3. You don’t have to play all the personal quests available. Some of them are not worth the time.

Thank you I have been leaving some of them that I don’t want to do like 10 games for 1 shark hook for example


I have had good luck with those suggestions Tracy shared. I also play the red star Leaderboard. If you can play primarily in Platinum (I bounce back and forth between platinum and gold, once in a while I hit diamond) the payout for staying above the cut line is pretty nice. You’ll earn not only what it shows on the Leaderboard, but also additional coins, boosters and sometimes chests!


Awww perfect I’m currently 3rd on red star board I think it’s for gold too I’m not totally sure thou


@Kayleigh_Barnes, that’s great! This week is a double payout. If you can stay in the top 10 in gold, you’ll promote to Platinum next week. :blush: