Coins from friends

We have 25 players on a team, why can’t we have 25 people at least a day to give us coins?


It’s makes sense to me to allow 24 teammate friends to help, and rounding it to 25 for good measure. :slight_smile:

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I was also thinking about this and all the complaining it’s only 20 we and was thinking we have 50 spots in our friends box to ask it would be nice to be able to collect from all of them but yes I agree it should at least be the 24 we can get from our own club member so round to 25 if they wanted and or my tough was maybe once a month or something say wakey Wednesday or silly Sunday ext. Ext.we are allowed how ever many friends to share we can or top like 200 of them something like that might be fun and bust Marathi player thank you

Need to increase amount of “help” from daily friends or eliminate it all together during club quest. Ur always encouraging us to add friends but what’s the point when u can’t even help the 24 in ur own club?? It’s ridiculous! Js

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NOOOOO, don’t take them away!!

Unfortunately GSN has to have a limit because players will uninstall the game and reinstall to ask for coins multiple times a day.

I agree maybe bumping it to 25 but unlimited is very unlikely to ever happen. ALL games have caps on help from friends

Opps meant to reply on the post not a particular comment :blush:

Bumping to 25 makes more sense @ least we can help our whole club! :two_hearts:

I was referring to taking the LIMIT away not friends coins. Lol

I am willing to participate everyday. I respind to requests but it is not reciprocated though

I need coins from Facebook friends