Coffee Break Perk

Coffee Break Perk promised 5 Volcanos but when our club opened it everyone received 5 wild cards. Anyone else have this issue?

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@DawnAmi Did you get Volcano Cards?

Only said wilds not volcano on mine. Having a hard time putting the pic up to show you.

Our club opted not to do perk 7. Try submitting a ticket by loading the game, click your profile picture and than help

I distinctly remember it saying 5 Volcano cards, although we didn’t go for Perk 7.


Our club ranked 13th in league and didn’t make enough points to complete it! How does that happen? The game was rigged or not performing correctly?

@Red_Queen, I took a screenshot of perk 7 (the special perk) - the Coffee Break Perk. Looks like the reward was 50,000 coins, 5 wild cards & 500 gems.

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