Club thoughts on members

talk about what to do with members who aren’t contributing to the club other than points

I was looking at that. Their points, in play, add into our standings. So i was in review of those that contribute to play as possibly having some benefit to keeping. What is odd is why they dont always do tributes, or gifts, or when enrolling for competitions they dont participate

I think we have some recent players that are adding alot of points…which is great. They do tributes, and some competitions…but dont always do gift box.

We could look at establishing some standards. I want it to be open for people to join, but competitive to move up, but not restrictive. What are your thoughts?

I agree with all of that, haha. There are few members that I’ve been keeping an eye on that dont ever catch tributes, enter any of the club events and do not unlock the club gift but they still contribute points so that’s why I’ve been hesitant on removing them. To be honest it’s not usually the largest amount of points though, I’ve been wanting to ask you your opinion for a while but I didnt know how to ask one on one without having to give out some type of information.

Welcome to the Forum, Keltexas!!

My response to your comments will be made with the assumption that you are a club leader.

Even very casual, low bracket clubs have some kind of “standards” or rules. If there are none, members will play as they want to - which isn’t beneficial to the club. (There is no “I” in Team!!)

Unfortunately, there are some really good, long-time players who will join my club - ignoring the Club Rules, which are clearly stated in the Club Notes. Why?? I have NO idea!! How difficult is it to unlock the Club Gift Box???!!! Yet, this is something that is too often ignored - even after almost daily reminders. And, do they not see that we 1) DON’T DIG, and 2) that we are a tributes club??? All of these things are very clearly stated.

I do (politely) “call out” the members who are repeat offenders, giving them the chance to follow the rules. If there is no improvement, they are removed. I think that I am a fair leader (some members have been with the club for almost 3 years), but I am also a firm believer that if you join a club, you follow that club’s rules. If you don’t like them, find a club that is more to your liking.

Club points are important, and I am always very happy to see a high scorer join, but not if the other rules are ignored. My ‘dream team’ is one in which everyone follows ALL of the rules. It would make my job as leader SO much easier!

Best of luck to you!!!

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List the people and let’s see if same ones I am looking at too.

Since we are in different clubs, they wouldn’t be the same people.

Sorry we’re co-leaders in the same club so I think keltexas was probably asking me to list some people, haha. But thanks for your input

You’re welcome. There is an option in the Forum to send private messages.

Yeah, it wasn’t available until I participated first. Thanks though!

I’ve been wanting to ask you your opinion for a while but I didnt know how to ask one on one without having to give out some type of information.

THIS IS NOT THE PLACE. This isn’t a forum to talk privately about a club that you are both in for you to chat about your own club issues with each other.

Not true, lame bull. Take it there and keep it there.