Club rules within club?

I’ve never belonged to a club unless I created naturally the head. Whatever! So do only one person dominate??
Do the club have to go in order for perks??
The level of perk is it or not the level of race or competition??
I thought to join would mean someone to communicate with but I Guess not

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There is 1 leader and dependent on leader co leaders which support the leader.
They are only ones that do perk order which depending on league can vary.New or resting players play in easy league,rookie,stone,wood ,gold or platinum,then more experienced players play in Diamond or legend league ,which are much more stricter on rules and competitive.The leaders state rules for club such as perk order ,club points per player ect.
Some clubs ask players to join in digging or boat race.perk order has nothing to do with these games

In my club I am the “leader” however I have 2 “co-leaders” but we are all equal and just leaders. We usually do not make a decision without asking the other their thoughts.

We’ve all made the rules together and change them together. It’s a bit frustrating as a leader, imo, as people leave the club I feel a lot of pressure to find new players so not to let the club down by being short a player/points.

Good luck to you😊

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Jennifer…a club is a team! Team should reflect the persona of the leader. I want to play platinum league so my team rules reflect that…TO stay Plat…we need to get all perks every week…So knowing what that costs is helpful.Cost is 550,00 to 575,00 depending on whether Perk six come with wildcard or volcano. Whe u get Perk 6, u start evry game with a wildcard…so I order my perks 6-1-2-3–5-4 … we require u post “maxed” in chat when u max a quest…Our team only requires winning both trib for gems and trib for doublers quest…So my rules read like this… 15k minimum points weekly…100 tributes weekly’ 36 hr idle max…ask for extra idle if needed for sick…vaca… cant play. 800 pts if new, before first idle… post hello in chat after reading our rules That being said…this is how it reads under our name Usual Suspects… 15k/100trib min 36hrs idle/800 B4 1st idle/rd rulz in notes depending on what special perks come out on sund nite or mon thru wed…I may change perk order to fit…u must also know how to invite players to your team and boot those that dont follow rules…Our team core been togethr 3 yrs now we all know where each other lives, share stories, and chat daily,its a real team…I have 3 alternates I play that means there are 4 of me…I use older phones people give me to play multiples…anyhow thats another trick many successful players do…I have 3 coleaders 4 seems about right for most great teams. 2 for day players and 2 for late nite [12-7am] duties include getting new players…putting those requesting xtra idle on list, answering questions about game for players…giving news when we change up perk order or skip quests…most great teams have a facebook page for members to talk about things ar just have fun…leaders have a small messenger group to discuss team bussiness like booting,who left…who to promote…who is jumping this week and coming back etc…etc.etc running a real team is lots of effort and game knowledge and the only way to learn that is joing a good team…I have been on over 40 and played 3 teams all at same time…2 plat ans 1 diamond. good luck…keep ears open and u will learn

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@Jennifer_Arrington . I started a club last year and have turned it over so started a “rest” club to not have as strict of rules. A couple of us are more than willing to have you ask questions and learn as you go. Please search for Pirates on FMLA. I will look for you to join!

Well we don’t chat. Yesterday the perk hard I played more than usual trying to contribute. Somewhere through the night the changed to easy. I start out finished the easy perk all day on moderate. But didn’t the perk chang for the race instead. Oh well

I notice in the night the perks are done but in the day we’re on hard perks that for me takes my fun away. I loss all winnings on these hard perks I even loss my personal rank.