Club quests, to do or not to do?

Has any leader had a player telling everyone to NOT DO CLUB QUESTS??

No, that is ridiculous. I would probably find another club, if the members were told that, since a lot of time it would be unavoidable to not do club quest unless one does not play for the 24 hour time frame that is given.

Quite simply, I handle it very well with knowledge of the game and the quests and doing whats best for the team… YES, some quests will and should be skipped, for example: if a quest is win 95 games and most people will NOT max that, clubs will decide to not play 95 games on low levels that dont pay well to GET 95 games played and waste all your time and effort,especially if the prize is like…4 free plays, no thanks!
**So let’s skip this quest and play tribute games instead and just SCORE, to maximize Perk progress.

sidenote: if a leader is saying NEVER do club quests??That’s nutty. CLICK LEAVE fast!

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Your saying that one of your team is telling others not to play club quests ? As I leader I would tell them that decisions about things such as this are made by me and the team but the decision will.ultimately be mine, if they don’t like the way you do things they are welcome to leave, happens again remove them.


l would just remove them and tell the team just who is in charge. Leaders make that kind of decision.


I had a leader do that consistently when I first started. Club membership was low & the goal was unattainable. He also however didn’t want tributes collected & the volcano cooled. I left that club & never looked back. I was glad to find a group that went after the tributes & quests. The game was much more enjoyable & the comradery is good.

I am a leader that advocate not playing most quests. But if a player decides to play and wants to waste 50k coins to get 4 free plays, then that’s on them. Just don’t afterwards tell me you can’t make minimum because you run out of coins. That’s like saying I can’t pay my bills because I spent all my money frivolously.

remove them. don’t need negative remarks

Our club actually avoids all club Questa except for ones that offer gems and double point doublers. We utilize our play specifically for perks only, so the odd time we will actually complete a few other quests without trying