Club Quests Tab

I think that there should be a column that checks off when each person completes the club quest just like there is one for each person when they collect the club gift. That way the leaders and co-leaders can use that information to keep or boot a player if they are lacking in other areas as well. It would also be good if the last 30-60 minutes people who have already maxed can contribute to completing it.


I agree this is such a huge issue on our team I don’t know what to do.

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But, that still leaves a problem because then you know who maxed, but of those who didn’t max you don’t know who did 40 out of 50 and who did 2 out of 50 it would be better if there was a scale or like a bar that fills up or something.


You can see how many points you earn… Tributes they’ve contributed or how long theyve idled for… Not sure if everyone can see but I know leaders and co can see how many points any/everyone have made since joining club as well as when they joined. etc. If theyve done the gift box… But seeing how much they’ve earnt and idled for usually gives an idea to what they have helped with

I’ll be honest, I hate this idea. There are club quests that I just hate to participate in (play 95 games, 125 reds stars on a sunday) and I’m hoping to join a club not a sweatshop.

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Yes we can all see that but we can’t see who has been doing the club quests and who hasn’t. it would be great to be able to finish it for the team even though some have t gotten it because I have some players who can’t play every single day. Or maybe less people on the team have to complete the quest, like 10.
I also agree that some of the quests are t even worth our time for the rewards they give. Maybe they can start giving more coin sharing without a limit again that’d be real nice :blush:

Well that’s why each club has guidelines to join and some don’t have any. It’s made to fit into everyone’s schedules. My club has expectations and those on the team know what they are when they join. If someone has something going on they will let me know and it’s fine. We have other players on the team that are happy to score double to make up the difference for that persons absence.
I just felt we should have the option to either see who isn’t participating (on teams that require it, most do) and those who are. Helps the leaders know who to keep and who not to keep.

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That’s a great idea! Would be very helpful.

My team lists this in Club Notes (they just need to say “Maxed” in chat):

New quest : 125 Red Stars each

Maxed: John, Ray, (etc.)

We type maxed when we have completed a group quest. Then everyone knows. It would be to hard to know if members were only a few points off.

We also type maxed and the quest amount (maxed 1,080). However, this is a system of honesty and there is no way to actually verify if someone actually maxed.

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Oh that is true. Well I know I am honest and would hope everyone else is.

Omg. This would be awesome. I often have players lie that they have maxed the CQ when the numbers clearly show this to be untrue. As a Leader this would be a great help.

We do too, but yet some players still lie

I do find this helpful but for clubs that are serious. I play casually and for fun and it’s hard to find a club that will allow you to play and not be booted because you did not reach “a goal” I find it bothersome to feel if I cannot live up to a clubs standard they can boot me. I am playing for fun only

You can join my club! I’m looking for players who actually play! My club used to be Platinum and now we are stone and it sucks because only a few of my players are actually playing now! I can’t get people to read the rules either! I think we should be able to send a message to certain players and they can’t play unless they read the message!!!

We should be able to adjust number of people to qualify for club quest.
We can be short 1 person etc and it causes discouragement. People leave teams bc they never win

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