Club quests STILL need a lot of help

So many of us were thrilled to hear cqs were coming back but they ARE flawed!!
You need to go back to the old way where in the last hour or two active players can polish it off!!
Example—we are down two players this week due to vacation. Despite hundreds of invites (since there’s no way to vet or chat with prospective players, another beef)
Anyway… quest was “88 000” club points, requiring 22 players.
We shot up to 60k ish in no time, with our regulars…then trickled off at 85 763…and timed out.
Now in that same time, our team had ACTUALLY racked up about 150k…and we had SIX active players when cq timed out, that could have finished it off no PROB!! But bc they’d already “maxed” their points were null and void to finish the quest.
This happens to us over and over and it’s infuriating
I’ve seen team just recycle through their bottom 3, and boot whenever a max is achieved but that’s just conniving
There HAS to be a way to fix this


This is best sent through the help while you are on the game, by clicking your profile picture, help still need help, and select the feedback category.

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Thank you Tracy. I’ve only ever used that for actual losses. Never occurred to me to do it about a gripe


I must have joined after this, I would love to be able to polish off the quest in the last hour. My team usually finishes club quest if they are 18 members and under, yes I would love it if we did it faster but…it really stinks when there 20 members and we get so close and then NO. It’s over.

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