Club Quests Now Impossible

Since the amount needed to complete the Tribute Trapper and the Club Point Doubler Club Quests was increased by a significant amount about a month ago, they are impossible to complete unless you have at least 19/25 club members who max the amounts. My club feels that the 760 tributes needed now to complete these Quests is very unreasonable, especially considering it used to be less than 500 needed.

Also, it seems that regular games have become exceedingly more difficult to win and there are fewer freebies given away to help.


Our tribute trappers [53 required] and red stars [60/80 required] remains the same; probably dependent on how many CQs we complete in a row and our ranking on the leaderboard. We are platinum and normally rank between 29-38.


We complete all quest with the exception of games when players are busy,
Or Tributes quest is normally 176 per player for 1080 gem or 11 points doublers


I agree and have noticed that its getting harder to play. If they keep turning up the heat I imagine some players will start losing interest when its no longer fun.


If we get unachievable quests, which only happens if we had a good run of completed quests, say 15 in a row, then we take a reset week. We complete no quests and it resets them all. If your quests are unachievable you are simply victims of your own success :laughing:

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