Club Quests for Tributes with all 25 Members Required

Anyone else frustrated with the club quests for tributes that requires all 25 members to complete? I don’t think this is fair as getting all 25 members to do it at the same time is nearly impossible. The last two times, we had 1 player (both were new to our club) that didn’t complete and ruined it for everyone. The whole club was really upset since we have no way to know if a new player is going to work out until it’s too late. Please at least make it 23 or 24 required. All 25 is really difficult and very frustrating for players who spend the coins and time only to get no return.


I found the same thing. It was finally lowered it to 24 players for us this week. We still failed. Hopefully, it’ll be like other club quests that when it’s not completed, they give one less challenging, for both (and all) our teams!

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I queried this with customer service,as we hadnt got 25 players,which let’s face it nit every team is full.
I was told,my choice to have 25 players that play it.

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I myself find it very frustrating because not all members participate which they should be. I want to create my own club but I don’t know how to

Even then it is hard to get people to participate in club events. For those that do it is frustrating to get your portion done. I have been very diligent in removing players that join and sit idle.

We find that if you fail a few CQ’s on the trot,They lower expectations for the next Quests

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