Club quests and the max tab

Im really sorry but in my club the only thing that is getting to us is only 1 person can press the tab to say they have maxed the club quest. Please please please please can you make it so all members can press that button.
It’s can’t be that hard to make this tiny change as it’s already in place.
Please like this post and show GSN we all want it.


Or go one step further and replace the flag on the club list that shows who opened the club gift (who cares?) with one to indicate who’s completed the current club quest. Thanks!


It is so frustrating when we don’t complete a club quest and very unfair to those teammates who do work towards them. I would definitely appreciate being able to see who works towards the club quest and who doesn’t! This should have been done a long time ago!

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I agree, I’m a team leader and everyone in the team should press the button when maxed so at least the leader can see

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Still 4years on and still no button
Im so frutrated. Full team and still players are picking and choosing club quests.