Club quest rewards

Just out of interest is any other club getting a higher percentage of wild cards from club quest rewards than coins or free plays? In the past 8 days we have had 13 club quests and over 75% of the rewards have been wilds. I’ve put a ticket in to ask GSN/Sony to bring back the coins and free plays but thought I would see if any other club was finding the same thing.

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We had a long string of Wild Card quests as well. But for us, with so many players in the penalty box over the friend center testing and the shift to losing treasure shrine configuration-sone with a double post-it was a life saver. Some of our players were effectively sidelined now without boosters and wilds on the quests.

Thanks for replying. I’m glad it’s not just us.

Our last 4 CQ rewards were wild cards…

Hopefully I’ll get a response and not an automated one to my ticket soon.