Club quest check box

When you bring back the club quests, it would be nice to have a check box by each player (just like you have for the club gift) to show which players have completed it.


For the most part people resort to typing “maxed” in the chat which clogs up chat and interrupts actual conversations being had.


Why does anyone type anything? If it’s still there and each player does their part, it’ll get done. Just curious. Seems like a waste of effort…lol

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It doesn’t always work out that way.sometimes you need people to type maxed in order to keep track because sometimes there are technical difficulties

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It’s the “if each player does their part” that’s the reason. The want to let the club know they’ve done their part :slight_smile:

I guess if the team isn’t getting the quest, but it’s easy to see who is playing and who is not.