Club points for perks?

How much club points we need to terminate the perks? For any perk? 1,2,3 … somebody knows it? Thank you for answers


Hope this helps

Perk 1: 5.000
Perk 2: 15.000
Perk 3: 35.000
Perk 4: 70.000. (When it has a wild card in it: 80.000)
Perk 5: 150.000
Perk 6: 300.000 (When it has a volcanocard in it: 350.000)

Total: 575.000 (with extra’s in perk 4 & 6: 635.000)

Perk 7:
with a holdcard on Monday: 475.000 (sometimes 450.000)
Extra perk on Tuesday: 250.000
Booster perk on Wednesday. 85.000


What happened with the extra perk we got on Wednesday 6/10? It requires 500,000 club points. That’s kind of unreasonable wouldn’t you say?! I’d like to think it is an April Fools Day joke, but that was weeks ago.

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Last week our extra perk 7 was originally 500,000!!! Then they got smart and downgraded it to 125,000. Still too high IMO for a Wed.

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Is it worth pursuing a perk on Thursday. You will not be able to use it.