Seeking to merge or seeking FULL TIME PLAYERS with a natural passion for the game!..
We are a quiet yet COMPETITIVE club… We are competitive IN the club which is more FUN & LESS pressure. With that we have advanced swiftly to Platinum status and wish to comfortably remain their! If we climb status its not because we as players feel FORCED to advance because if rules but because our passion for playing has driven us there!
Yes we talk smack to each other but playfully. Those who wish to remain the silent but deadly players are allowed to play in a manner which suites them most comfirtable.
We do not force you to interact in chat
Our rules are simple-
Stay active OR Productive- 24 hours and no contributions will have you removed.
24 hours inactive but you were in our top 5 or 6 IS acceptable
New players need to show their love for the game by completing 1000 club pts and 10 tributes b4 going idle( much lower than other clubs)
We ask that you have a name because when you are impressive then you should be thanked and no reply is necessary.
We are still working out the kinks but have a revolving door that stops us from our true potential…
Merging 8 or so players would be great or single players wanting to join works too.
We are in jeopardy of losing platinum status and if we dont climb 5 more ranks its back to gold for us.
Any questions will gladly be answered or jyst find us by copy and pasting our club name.
Thank you
Sincerely The creator of

I can’t seem to find you on search. I’ve been looking for a new club. I’m very active. I have 2 devices in the same club and generally hold 2 of the 3 top spots for earnings. I would love to join in with other active players.

There are capital letters. I may have forgot to type it proper now that Im thinking about it. Tsk… My bad. Lol ok so Im not sending you on a joy ride. Would u mind adding me via facebook? Jennifer Backhaus Las Vegas primary photo is me with cartoon disguise ( glasses big nose n stach. I will dbl check now to make sure name is correct. Once I accept you, you will find me easier.
Thanks btw for your interest.

Ok its corrected… The T in “out” was incorrectly typed

Sent facebook request