Club Note abbreviations

What’s it mean when a club member writes 1+1 or 2/5+1, etc… on the club notes?

Could we have a little more context?

Club members are posting these numbers In the chat. I’ve asked a couple of times with no response so now I don’t feel comfortable asking again. I’m thinking it’s a status of how each of them are going towards our perks or something.

Never mind, I decided to start finding a new team to be on.


Welcome @MaryLisa, it must be something between the leaders but I have no clue…
I would have more then likely looked for a new team if they are not responding to your questions.
Goodluck to you.
Krazy Fun is looking for players…if you want to give us a try.
We will not ignore any questions you have.


You can join my club… KC’s Clan
You’ll be very welcome

I know leaders and co-leaders make notes of how many members they’ve kicked out because they’re only allowed so many per day, it may be something like that.