Club needed for casual player

I play everyday participate in most quests
Average 5-10 k a week I always play tiki tributes first

Not a big chatter but would like a club that treasure hunts and boots idle players
I do not want a club that imposes needed coins
Please a no drama club
If I sound like I can be a asset to your club please let me know

come to dive bar! we just entered wood league. :slight_smile:

I play the same as you do. I am in club “Juat For Fun” not sure how to invite to club. But if able you can join us!

There are multiple dive bars and the ones I have seen have players that have been idle for a long time
Are you one of those?
Idle players are not good they hold back perks
If I am making a mistake please advise me as it’s hard to search and find the correct one

There are multiple just for fun groups

look for specifically ‘dive bar’ - that same capitalization. wood league team. currently 15 members & 51203 club points.
my 2 accounts are both in it - kahlua (leader) and volcano (co-leader).

no idle folks! a lot of the team i have played with before up to platinum, needed a fresh start. :wink:

Check out my team - Ice hotel

Louis, we are match made in Heaven. We started a new group (Doppelgangers) and your playing desires match ours. The most important, though, is playing competitions. Not a necessity, but if you do, we play as a team and use the chat box during. Goal is not to have gopher holes. Come and check us out. We have room and we’re public for now.