Club Leader wrongfully transferred

Hi, my club has transferred leader to someone else, it says I’ve not logged in for 14 days but I clearly have! How do I fix this as the person isn’t replying to me.

The support team would be the only one who can help you, but I doubt that they can transfer leadership back to you. You would have to chat with them by tapping on MENU [top left] and tapping HELP.

Good luck with getting any support.This is the process I went through and despite several emails to support and requests they would not budge on the process.
The team has to wait 14 days for the leader to be removed, and that is if they haven’t played at all in that time, if they do, the 14 days starts again.
My club leader had a lot of personal issues.
After 14 days the system automatically will alocate a new leader and it is the person who has been most active in the game and has the highest continuous bonus. My bonus had been reset because of having a busy spell and I did not log in for over 24 hours. Luckily for me the person who was allocated as the new leader assigned me and stepped down.
No matter how many times I told them, as a team we had discussed the new leadership.
So you can expect the same, if the current leader is active and won’t reply to you, I do not know what you can do, because support says they won’t remove a leader until they have been in active for 14 days as a way of protecting the team and the leadership.
Once 14 days is up, talk to whom ever they give the horns to and ask them to step down and allocate you as the new club leader.

Good luck
Cathy Rejoyce Always

The short answer is you’re not. I find it difficult to wrap my head around how someone who has played the game for years has no idea how to use chat or even that it exists. This is the case in at least three clubs that I know of personally, though, so it is possible.

Also, as previously stated, support doesn’t support anything. Especially not anything that benefits a club or a player.

My suggestion: create a new club and invite everyone to it. The “leader” of your current club probably won’t even notice when everyone leaves.

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