club invitation

I accidentally deleted a club invitation from messages. Can I get it back?

@Abby, no You can’t get the invitation back, but if you remember the club name, you can request to join

I don’t remember, except for it started with “Perk”

That’s a bummer. I have room in one of my clubs, but that club only has 130,000 club points right now.

This is about our clubs:

@Abby I have one spot open in my club Actuvate-2 we are usually ranked around 750 and complete all 6 and sometimes the extra perks.

Thanks for your offer!

I appreciate the offer!

I sent out join requests earlier in the week for team Perkalators2!! We are a top 100 team and lost a couple good players. We’re full again, but will have an opening at Perk competition completion. Feel free to send us a join request!

I tried to do a search for you club and couldn’t find Actuvate-2.

I sent a request for membership.

I never got it :frowning:

It Actuvare-2 not Actuvate-2. We got all 7 perks last week and was ranked around 620. Still working on getting to the top 500.

Perk Crushers would love to have you.
We are a 20,000 points Sunday night midnight ET
And 40,000 at perk end.
We are a top 150 club trying to get back to top 100
Oh and no idle over 24 hours unless you let us know ahead of time