Club Hoppers List?

Hello! Does anyone know if there is a fb page for known club hoppers/jumpers? Trying to prevent Erin, et al. from showing up to our club.

Normally, we set club to private, but we had a few members leave all at once. So, set club to public but already “Tom” has visited us twice within an hour.

Thanks in advance!

There is a Facebook page that you can join that is just about club jumpers. The leader of the Page keeps an ongoing list that you can print out if you need it. I should have checked before answering you but you sounded desperate. I believe that the name is actually club jumpers. If not I will reply again after I check the name. If you don’t hear from me then the name is correct.

The name is “Tripeaks / Jumpers”


THANK YOU! Lol- yes desperate!

It’s just really frustrating because we had a couple really awesome players leave, right as we were moving up leagues.

We had to open the club to public and within the first hour it was like a revolving door of grifters.

Makes me appreciate when the club membership was set to private!

I definitely understand! That’s what made me join the Facebook page! We had someone join just before double gift box day & leave right after! Join the page and you’ll have an updated list at all times. I’m just glad that I could help!

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