Club chat history

Is there a way to see you club chat history? Some of my team are on the other side of the world and by the time I wake up, I’ve missed a load of chats and can’t scroll down to read them all…

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The only eay I have known is scrolling down the chat, at times I have found I can go back as far as 24 hours, and sometimes it is just a few hours, I think that perhaps after a certain amount of posts, old ones get deleted, it depends on how chatty the group is!


I sometimes get 2 days worth of chat.


It appears random, sometimes a day or or more, others just a few hours. I also noticed I am sometimes missing some posts. Not sure why that is, like if we have a player drop and a new one start, those posts are just missing within the feed. Weird!

I noticed this morning that if i swiped up at the end of the chat it loaded some more. now i didn’t go very far back at all… but it was just something i noticed.