Check box for club quests

As a club leader, I would really love to be able to quickly see who is playing club quests and contributing to our success. I try to keep track of points but it gets to be too much to keep up with all the time. I would love if the game would add a check box like the one that shows who has claimed a club gift. This would really help keep our club members accountable. Please add a check box!


Hi Kristy. I am a leader myself and would love that feature. It has been asked for before but still nothing. :frowning: hopefilly they will listen soon.

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I am also a club leader and try to “police” the players but it would be SO simple for the game to help us! Many others have suggested what you did about a box to check once they max. Even if they have to take away the other box, to make room OR I have suggested everyone gets to blow the horn once maxed. No cheats or liars that way.


I agree. We now have everyone type maxed when they get the green check and myself and my coleaders add their name to bottom box of club notes. We also put info about each cq such as
Play 90 games (20 Players needed) so no reason not to know. It’s annoying to say the least. We screen shot all losses. We don’t do all red stars on any that have crappy rewards.


That’s what my team do. It’s more work for us leaders though. I hate it when I have 30 mins free play for bonus reward in the morning. I play the 30 mins then have to spend another 30 mins on catch up on chat. Lol

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I’m a co leader and I agree, Miss Kristy! I spend a lot pic coinage to make sure I’m contributing by finishing my quota, only to see it fail because someone (s) aren’t doing their part! And it seems the easy ones are the failures! Altho, I was unable to work on a cq ONCE. It was completed. When I went to collect the reward, a message came up saying I didn’t assist, so I wasn’t eligible for the reward! I’ve played over 347 straight days and not helping with the cq is my biggest pet peeve! #HAPPYHOUR💛

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I agree that we leaders need a way to track who works on club quests. I tried to track it but a few times i had more ’ maxed’ notes in the chat than was possible for the quest. So much work for me. No wonder our previous leaders quit.

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Miss KJV: I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure the green checks are when you go into the gift shop and unlock. I’m ankle to track who has and who hasn’t that way. But a lot of folks are saying that also. That the green check means maxed. We also put maxed in chat. But a lot of the time, we can’t go far enough back in chat to check who has and hadn’t.

I just went into the game and looked. At the top of the row it does say club gift. A green check means they’ve unlocked.

Im not talking about Club Gifts check marks. I’m talking about Club Quest. I know the difference. Yes you get one for gifts on your team board for the Gifts. When you are doing a club quest and you complete your portion you get a green check mark. When my team completes their cq part and get that check they type maxed. I have 3 coleaders so between us all we get them all on the list. Our team also knows if you’ve maxed and your name isnt listed to let us know again! Guess I’m lucky i have great coleaders. Be sure to look at the link I shared

Thank you so much, Ms Kjv! I can see my check mark, but not anyone else’s. I’m sorry for the miss understanding about the club gift check mark! I need to pop in here more often to learn new things. I just found put about the hidden coins!:smile: I mostly learn thru trial and error. I’ll check out your link. Thank you! #HAPPYHOUR :yellow_heart:

Yes but the cq check that you get is only visible to you. I would rather know who is working club quests that who is collecting the club gift. We need a check that is visible to everyone when someone maxes a club quest. We do ask that everyone writes maxed in the chat but not everyone does. I just want to be able to see who consistently skips the quests.


I agree. It would make our jobs easier with that check box


We put maxed when we finish the club quest. Not sure if lying can’t keep track of everybody on the team all day…

You can keep going back in chat by pulling up on the chat box and it refreshes!

I’ve been asking for that since the beginning of club quests

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