Cheating?? Why is this not brought to attention

How does tripeaks not look into these top clubs for cheating? 7 million points as a team and their top player has almost 1.5 million points. To put that into perspective that’s 200,000 points per day or over 8,000 points per hour if you played 24hrs per day non stop…no breaks. Physically and 100% impossible


But hey they make sure to thoroughly investigate the levels that have a higher streak bonus so they can do away with those :woman_facepalming: I mean priorities and all


My guess is that player spends real money🤷🏻‍♀️I’m not saying I don’t spend $ but it’s all in good fun.
I play a lot seems like it sucks me in and Iv never reached 200,000 points in a week.
@150k I felt like I never put it down++ajob…
I must doing something wrong😂


I have a lot of coins and boosters to blow. I have played a ton buying loads of tributes and got 260,000 before. Heck the 500,000 would be hard to do. 1.5 mil is just impossible. Even if you were using real money it doesn’t add up. That many points and only 3k tributes. I call BS


See you’ve got near 200k. I’ve got 200k in a week. It requires playing A LOT! They’re trying to tell me this person is scoring 200k in a DAY? That’s not even possible


I’ve had a top player give me a few pointers. It is possible, but expensive! They use a lot of volcano cards and boosters.


There is more than one player for each name.

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I’m just a normal person and know someone else, normal also and millions of coins can be accumulated if you have the time and are able to figure out what games to play and learn better how to play the game. It’s not cheating. You can also purchase coins for money if you so desire.


For sure I have 47 million coins lol getting coins isn’t the issue. Thats what I said. I know what you can achieve with coins and volcano cards to blow. I’ve done it 1.5 million points is impossible. Especially with only 3k tributes

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They should definitely investigate those teams , I know it is humanly impossible to get 1.5 million plus points every week and to have several players do it. They probably have an Algorithm and let the computer play the game 24 hours a day.

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What you do is you hit one of them and you if you want to join the game you can join dimmer good or you can hear them and there’s two questions are asked you and you push one of them did join your team honey it’s really fun and you go down the line until you collect all of them to join your team

I’ve always said that. Several players on one account. So someone is always playing around the clock.

ithink there is something fishy going on. i am not gonna spend much if any money to play

I believe that TriPeaks find cheaters, when it happens. If it’s happening here, I think it will be dealt with.


Where’s the fun in that?

Exactly! At the end of the day what did they really get out of all that time and money spent…a Club Spotlight on a Facebook post ??? :joy::joy::joy: