Change/reassign members perk

I have always had an issue with some members not listening and changing the perk they are on even when I ask them not to. Most of the team can agree to stay on the order I put, but it would be extremely helpful if I could change a member’s perk if they decide to ignore me or are not paying attention.


You have your wish. I was lucky enough to get it already and it is great. We can use arrows to shift the order and when we do it if a stubborn soul moves again we can move them again or make that hard decision. Hope you get the upgrade soon! Make sure your app is upgraded.


I agree with tripeakssuzy. Once you get the update to re-order perks and a player moves themselves you have to make that difficult decision all leaders have to make and remove them. Then you can search for players that are going to be team players.
Ask on here for players. People that use this forum are usually the best players.
Hope this helps.