Change gift box to club quest on leaderboard

Would like to see the box that checks if you helped with the club gift changed to if you completed club quest I feel it would be more helpful to see who is actually a team player. Or just create a new box to be checked as members complete club quests


Others here on the forum have asked for the same thing. The best way to be heard is to submit a ticket :slight_smile:

@CindyLu You can submit tickets for upgrades to the game? I thought when you used the help tickets it was just for things that went bad in your game… so if enough of us sent a request ticket for a club quest box by our club gift box on our leader board in the clubhouse, we might get it?

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Yes @Tasha, there is an option for feedback on the form, and I believe the squeaky wheel gets oiled… let’s all let our squeaks be heard! Lol

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