Certain Days You Can’t Win

The two days in which I have a lot of time to play are Saturday and Sunday yet I can hardly win anything on these days. Does anyone else have this issue with a certain day(s)?


No. Every day is a random day. There’s no rhyme nor reason which makes sense.


I had a hard time winning over the weekend, but I fell it is very random. Iv had great weekends before. Best of luck to you.


I think most people play weekends and it’s hard to get points. Lately I’ve lost a few hounded thousand and am not gaining.

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I totally agree with weekends harder.

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Having that typical Saturday where I can hardly win any games. So annoying.

Unfortunately I lose WAY more than I win! It’s getting to the point, I’m getting fed up with this game. And most loses are by only 1 card!


Yeah, a lot of mine are like that too. I just do not want to waste 6000 coins every time this happens.


Exactly!!! The only time I will use the 6000 is if I’m really frustrated and running out of time for a big quest. I’m close to giving this game up because of losing . Just used almost 100000 to get the stupid scavenger hunt!

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Sunday—another one of those days I can’t win anything. I can get one tribute but of the last 10 tribute games I’ve tried, I have lost every single one. So frustrating.

Probably due to the club reset, less points per games and less perks as well as the weekly quests.

It can’t be a coincidence now that Saturday is still my bad day on here. I’m almost dreading later today. I’m in a new group and need a good day.

Yeah its coincidence, at least according to the big kahuna who addressed this very issue.

I myself have found no difference in the days since I started playing. This makes sense because if it was known that a specific day was bad for playing then people would stop playing that day and this would be terrible for user engagement.

I see your comments daily why dont you join our club we are a platium league we ask our members to hit 30k a week plus 200 tributes a week easy rules to stand by also we ask to put your country at side of your name too that’s all we love the game always get our quests like 8 out 10 usually as we are team players if like the sound of it send in the request

Thanks. I may take you up on this. I’m gonna try the new group I’m in right now and see how it goes.

I just found this page and I’ve been experiencing this since I start d playing. I believe I’m the worst player on our team.

Is yours a certain day(s) like for me? The other five days, I usually make up for these two.

Welcome to the forum @Juice! Why do you think you are the worse player, is that because you are learning the game? We’ve all been there!

Since early December, I feel every day is hard. I used to be able to win every 3rd game (without wilds or volcanos)… now, I need too many extra cards. I’m down 1.5M in the last month. I only have a limited time to play, so I revert to old habits of buying cards with points/coins. I’ll run out eventually. I understand they need to make money. I know plenty of people who would love ad free option and pay for that… (not me)

I’m new to the forum and curious how people get so many coins?? Over a million! Do you purchase them? Win them? The only way I get that much is the match making game and it costs quite a bit paying for extra hearts. Just wondering if theres something I’m missing

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