Captain Karma Open-pop up

Has anyone got information on this…
I got it as a pop up,
Any other clubs see the pop up?
Anything anyone knows about this would help.

I see a timer on the right hand side… guess I will wait and see


Never seen this. Looks like some kind of special event/contest.

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Let us know if you find out.

Yeah I had it for about 2 to 3 minutes before it disappeared on me yesterday.

It looks like they might be going back to the way they used to rank teams before they brought out the different leagues

@Katie_Maughan so you played b4 they had the leagues?
I wish they gave us more info…
It would be great to get more gems, our team is most always diamond so we get some (I didn’t screenshot it the 1st time I see it the picture is from another player) but if I understand correctly we would get gems from our league rank and gems from the karma rank…if high enough place
That would be cool.

I think it was much harder to compete and get a decent club prize before. I dont remember exactly what, but know being a top 100 club was how you got decent gems and that 's VERY competitive & difficult.

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I wasn’t around for the pre club era,but I’m hoping this Captain Karma thing is a preview of a new special event to come.

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Yes it was extremely difficult as you were competing with every team and the rewards weren’t as good. If I remember rightly we were a top 300 team and only got about 100 gems each week.

It looks interesting, always up for something different. Some new quests would be nice too!!

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I had it as well briefly

I have seen it a couple times, but didn’t know what it was

I saw a pop up like this it didn’t stay up long but I seen my club. So everytime we play the scavenger hunt game does it tally winners?

We had pop up last week.we got nothing extra.we were 86th overall and just got normal 1k gems nothing from captain karma.

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No extra gem for us either… we ended #96 … I don’t understand that pop up…and still have not see any other info on it ??
Thanks for your reply.

I think it’s something that they haven’t introduced yet and the pop up is showing up as they are working on it

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Never seen this before

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