Can't unlock club gift

Has anyone had a problem unlocking the club gift everyday? What’s the point when you are timed to opening it but the daily gift is available each day??? They’re both crappy gifts but every little tidbit helps


Agree. The prizes are less than impressive. It would help get my loyalty if they threw in a Volcano or point doubler!!


I have never seen it this bad before with the buckle and dime you at every turn! It makes it so you can afford to play the game and lose people. The rewards are to little! The volcano goes off too much. Not sure about the future.


I have has the same trouble

Same here but its usually on my tablet.
My club has more trouble with all the multiples. 4 of this, with 3 of that. Constantly.
Or in double stack, doubles after doubles.
I have taken screenshots and complained, but they still say it’s just random. That’s BS. I wish more people would complain to support, maybe they would make some effort to fix it. Way too hard to win ANY game

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Not even being offered Web gift 2 try&unlock it!!!

Have you gone to their webshop? Here’s the link:

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Is there a solution to collecting the daily free gift? If so, I have been able to find it. Thanks!

No I just wait until it lets me click on it. I haven’t been able to figure it out and the admin hasn’t answered

The daily gift on the web? If so, clear up your browser history or cache. Also, if you haven’t or don’t already, tap on the 3 lines, for the menu and it should be there. The club gift on the web requires x amount of members in your club to unlock, majority of the time our member do not go to the browser and prefers the in game club gift, since it is right in the game itself. We stopped reminding our members to go on the webshop.

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Having same prob. Here sux

I do the club gift everyday and I do the free gift or whatever every day on the web site and yet to go back into your like Game mode and then go into your messages and then that’s where you open the gift it should be new messages

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