Can't collect all daily coins from friends

Went to collect my coins from friends this morning & I had 75.000 in a single bundle… When I hit collect, it only gave me 6.000 coins… Should I downsize my friends to 20 so I can get the daily 60.000 …???
It did this yesterday too, just didn’t have time to deal with it…
Thanks for any help… ; )


Denise, contact the Helpdesk. It should deduct 60k from the total donated.

Take photos of before and after collecting providing proof. By submitting a ticket, they will send u a ticket number and it can take up to 3 days for their research.

Anytime you cannot collect on rewards send a ticket.

Click on Menu in upper left corner, click on Help and scroll to the bottom to click on Contact Us- this goes to the Helpdesk queue.



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When I went to collect coins from friends this morning it said I had 75.000 coins… I hit collect, but it only gave me 6.000 coins…
The 75.000 coins was bundled up in one click… Please help…
Should I decrease my friends to 20…???

@Denise_Griffee, were you, by chance, playing after midnight, and already collected the first 54,000? The game usually pays 60,000 between midnight and midnight now.

If not, I’ve also seen where I have collected, and the coins were apparently not added to my total right away. However, when I went out of the inbox, into the clubhouse and back out, the coins were there. I thought OMgosh, I wonder how many times does that happen when I didn’t even notice.

Anyway, if neither of those are the case for you, then be sure report it to player services. In the game, tap your profile pic (top left corner), then Help, then Contact Us at the bottom of the screen, and fill out the form.

@Denise_Griffee, I have about 100 friends that play TriPeaks. That doesn’t seem to affect collecting coins, so I don’t think that’s it.