Can I unlink an account at Facebook in order to add a new one?

When I started playing TriPeaks, I linked my account to Facebook so that I could retrieve it, in the event something happened to my device.

I am now playing several different accounts and want to delete the original one that is linked to Facebook. Is there a way to do that?

First, log out of your current Facebook account. Then on TriPeaks menu [top left] go to Account and sign in with your other FB account [must already have it set up in the Facebook App]

I have a 2nd account and both are linked to face book, like the other answer stated.
Log out of current Facebook
Log off the account on the game.
Log into the 2nd account on Facebook
Reload game
A notification will pop up asking to load the game that is tied to it, just hit yes, you won’t lose the other account by doing so

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Forgive my ignorance, but I am not a Facebook user and your answers are not clear to me.

Are you saying that I have to have a second Facebook account? I didn’t think you could do that.

I use the same device I am on, my 2nd account is also linked to a 2nd Facebook account. The only other option I know of is Apple ID.
What you might have to do to delete your account is to sign out of Facebook the one you want to get rid of, find the solitaire app, clear the cache and data.
Note if you clear the data, any other accounts that you have on there that are not linked will get wiped out.
You can’t close a solitaire account, it’s wierd but It’s not possible unless you contact support through the game, and alot of times they just are not helpful

So play two Solitaire TriPeaks games and both hooked to Facebook. One game is my main acct and the other is inder my initials so i can switch users in game for help. When i am in game, hit menu, sugn out if Facebook and sign in again it cant find my other Facebook acct. I can switch between the 2 on Facebook but need to do it within the game. My fruend it works on her i phone…but not sure ehat is different on a android?

Yes, 2 accts but don’t want to reload game. Trying to play on one game as my first name, then when needed want to bring in my other acct person as initials to help my primary game to finish cqs, etc.

But it goes to other Facebook acct and trying to load my acct info but play in the main game so…my name would disappear in Butterfly Kiss and my initials come in to the take over. Then revert back.

I have an android phone.
I cannot have both accounts active at the same time.
You don’t need to leave your club to play your other account, but you do have to log out of everything and log into the 2nd account.
Because both accounts are linked you don’t lose progress or what you have for coins or boosters.
I have never been able to have both accounts signed in at the same time, even my Facebook will sign me out of one account to sign in the other if I don’t hit “log out”


Would apple id work different? Others use Facebook.

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I have no idea, I have only used android device’s and Facebook to link

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I have an Android and can switch between the two account, but i have to sign out of the FB app and sign out of the game as well. When I’m in the game and try to sign into one of my FB account via MENU, my FB app will pop up and I then select the one I want to connect to and it will ask for confirmation. Unfortunately, I too do not have answer regarding apple ID, but do kinow that Apple user uses the Safari browser to sign in and out of Facebook.


Yes, the point is if you reload the game you cant access both my accounts in one main game.

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