Can a new potential club leader check your club history?

I ask because I’ve been a good player, and with two family emergencies in 5 days I couldn’t make minimum and was kicked out. Ok, I get it, but the first two request I put in to 2 different clubs days “Sorry, not accepting new members” but they both clearly have open spots. Can a former club leader be contacted and say, " you don’t want her" or am I just being paranoid? To be honest it is only two requests out of 4 I put out, but I’m just curious. Thank you in advance for any answers! Appreciate it.

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No, they cannot contact your prior club leader, can only see your status on a current club. If you aren’t currently on a club, they cannot see anything about you, which is why you’re not getting selected.

Me suggestion, get onto any public team to begin earning points. Once you request to join another club, that leader/Co-leader can see your club points, your game level, the stars you have & your portrait collection.

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Thank you Jenny for your quick response, I appreciate the help! Makes sense to me now. Didn’t realize the portrait collection could reveal so much. Here I was thinking conspiracy theories. :joy: