Boomerang bay works need help now

How does the boomerang works

I was going to ask the same thing, I have tried a couple of things, but it doesn’t do anything.

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I can’t figure it out either

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Exactly why I came here! Can’t figure out Boomerang Bay…

Is there helpful info on this topic that’s not on FB? Ty!

You can search for the subject [top right: magnifying glass] you like information on. The boomerang gets activated each time you get a 3 card streak. Say your board has 10-9-8-8. You draw a Jack and proceed with 10-9-hit the boomerang and get the first 8, which will them be removed and show the 9, allowing to get the other 8 card.


Thanks for the help. I understood you way better than the game app instructions.

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Thank you for letting me play. thank you for the tips.
Sharon :hugs:

And should you hit the boomerang accidentally, you can undo as well without cost [oooh, lol]

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