Barnacle Heads is looking for some seasoned teammates!

Barnacle Heads are lookin for some seasoned players who understand about reading rules and chats, as well as the importance of playing tributes.

At one time, we were pretty much a Platinum club most of the time. Then, some of our long time players had to stop playing the game because of many different reasons. Since then, we have been struggling to find teammates who believed in the above tasks.

We current are running at Gold level, because we have had many new players who don’t understand the importance of chat, rules or tributes.

Our current rules request that a teammate will read rules, chat, and let us know they read. That they help with all Quests, including Tribute Quests. 120 Tributes a week minimum. 8000 points by midnight Sunday & 15,000 by Thursday’s end. We ask if you are unable to complete any of the tasks that you just let us know in chat.

If you feel you would be a good match, please ask to join, or ask me to send you an invite.

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Hello! I sent a request to join your team.
Look forward to playing with you!