Back to normal pls

I really think you have to change Friend sharing back to normal.
The red stars quest, 4 in 1 week, shoul have much bigger Pay out.
I have already lost 2 club members the lasr few days, and more to come.
Could you pls listen to us players, otherwise i am afraid that many People Will stop playing and thats a shame, because after All, its a great game


@Annette_Petersen, the best way to be heard is to submit a ticket. In the game, tsp your profile pic, (top left corner), then Help, then Contact us at the bottom of the screen.


Also to add to @CindyLu …watch for a email with in 24hrs it asks how support did… but it is only good for 24hrs from what Iv gathered…
I have been responding to all my tickets a 2nd time.
With please fix …what ever I sent the ticket for,
Not sure if this will help but I’m wondering in they get enough bad responses if they will fix it any faster🤣
Wishful thinking .


Yes, thank you @Tasha!

Everyone, look for your response! If they didn’t answer your question, or fix your problem, write back! The 2nd submission (by replying to the email), escalates the ticket (so it seems anyway). And if they were not helpful, rate them and say so! Somebody somewhere cares!


I’ve been sending tickets daily.


Thank you for speaking up. I have tried and tried only to fall on deaf ears but I am a club leader and lost 2 players this week due to the GREED and the unfair playing field! I have about had it myself.