Awesomeness Player Wanted

Awesomeness is currently a Diamond League Team that is looking for 1 new active daily player who can max Club Quests, willing to join our Messenger chat group & exceed our wkly minimum of 31.5/35Tributes, max idle 11°. [Beginning Aug.30th our wkly minimum will be 35K/35 Tributes.] We earn all 7 perks wkly & work on perk 6 early at reset every week.New players must reach 4K before going idle immediately upon joining the club. We are a fun supportive group looking for that player who is willing to work hard,play hard & have fun while we increase our club score to move up a league. Interested folks should request to join Awesomeness. My game name is #1pug&frenchyFAN and I am the Co-Leader of Awesomeness & look forward to you joining our Awesomeness Crew! Awesomeness wants U!

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