Asking friends for help

Has anyone else been losing all the coins their friends help with after the first 20? I get min 75000 after my first 20…gotta wait a day. Then when i can collect again they completely disappear. I started keeping track of how many friends help like when say 36000 come in at once then say 6000 I wasn’t keeping track but I do now and realize they say 20 but I actually get cut off at 10 or 11 max… I wrote several times even sent screenshot proof and they won’t replace my coins… Any idea?


Hi @Gretchen_Leigh_Brash. When I log on each day, I have 75,000 coins waiting for me. Because we can only collect 60,000 a day (20 x 3,000), I have left over help coins waiting for me for the next day. However, because I have more friends that have already said they would share coins with me, as soon as I collect the first 60K of that 75K (max for today), I usually have another, 50K - 75K waiting for me (for the next day) - I’m guessing TriPeaks has a queue of friends beyond the 75K max that was originally displayed.

I also found that the balance of coins waiting for me for the next day is affected (gains more coins) each time I help my friends when they request help coins, and when I request help from friends. So the balance of my coins for the next day continues to go up with each of my additional actions. I’ve never had the balance of coins for the next day go down.

If that is what is happening with you… yes, you did right for reporting it! And hopefully your screenshots show that you had a higher balance, and then it went down for no reason.

I think that’s what you were saying, right?

Keep us posted :slight_smile:

I started posting who were top sharer that helped. As I was losing players to stronger teams some stayed true to sharing others dropped. Then I started dropping my team members who only collected an didn’t share. So my friends are from all over