Are Perk 6 games harder?

I’m just wondering as one of our players said they can’t complete perk 6 games… so…Are the games harder if your working on perk 6 than they are if working on perk 1, or is a game a game no matter what perk you do?


@Jennuk. I have played for a long time. I have never noticed a change in hardness for perks. Seems like some days are harder than others but perk order doesn’t seem to bother me. Would like to see if others say different.


No the games are harder when working on petk 6. I have been playing since the game started and it is definitely getting harder to win all round. They are going to start losing players if it doesn’t improve. Even the easy levels are hard to win sometimes. :frowning:


@Kokua @Sharon_Lindsay So how long would u say you’ve been playing, I tried to research how long this game has been out but couldn’t find it…I assumed 2017 when badges were available, except a girl in my club said she’s been playing for 10 years, :astonished:… I found the game 6months ago.


I fell game wins are harder the higher the perk… I get more wins when the perk is 1-3 ok wins 4-5 and it seems lately when on perk 6or7 I play 10-20 games befor a win which is really getting to be a headache

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I have been playing for about 5-6 years.

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Any game is harder without the Tiki card. But many times, I have noticed they make Friday’s games ridiculously harder because they know we don’t have the Tiki. Perk 6 is harder because of number of points needed to attain it. These cards are NOT random. I’ve been playing for at least 2-1/2 years…everything is harder than it was. They’re gonna keep going till they destroy the game.

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Greed gets them no where in the end they will lose…

I’ve def seen a difference in these games. I. Bought extra cards n when I won it said “Perfect Game”. If that’s what it takes then you are creating games that must take extra coins to win

This is really interesting. I thought it was just me. I’m about to drop the game. It was fun at first and I love my club, which is a very involved club and to whom I want to contribute. But as I get higher, it gets harder to win without a booster of some sort - often multiple boosters. I have a tight budget and just realized I was sliding into the danger zone of increasingly bad choices - Tripeaks when I should be doing something else, and beginning to buy too much stuff. I used to clear the aces or whatever on one of the early levels but last night I blew it off. Game after game I had one card left. Buy more for 500 coins? Use a wild? End the game with nothing to show? I’m not interested when those continue to be my choices. The game stops being fun and I have better things to do. If it keeps up another week I’m going to thank my leader and open my space for someone else.

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I have not noticed a difference in play during different days, nor during different perks.

I started almost 3 months ago, so never experienced the nirvana of the easy cards days, but to be honest, the game hasn’t been all that difficult, I found. Certain levels and zones were annoyingly difficult, and then you get the 30 minutes of free play, 30 minutes of momo or 30 minutes of golden tiki and life gets a lot easier.

So now a part of my strategy is to play certain zones based on when the various 30 minutes of free play show up. And with @CindyLu 's new handy dandy list Daily Bonus Rewards list

… Good times.

And to echo Papillion, my time on Tripeaks Solitaire (TS) can be divided into 2 phases. BP6 and AP6, before and after I first experienced the joy of Perk6’s golden tiki. BP6, TS llfe is pretty much as you state it, a black and a white drab, AP6 is the Land of Oz.


@Ff2017, I am so happy that list helped! :slight_smile:

Thank you, CindyLu, for that list, and thank you Ff2017 for posting the link to it. I don’t know what the earlier days of easy cards was like, but I do know that sometimes it’s almost as if I’m playing intuitively and the cards just flow. I don’t use boosters all that much but am trying to rely on strategy (and not playing in the morning, which is where CindyLu’s list comes in because otherwise I play stupidly and totally miss obvious stuff) and other days it’s poke, poke, poke at the card deck with nothing more than 3 card streaks and always only only one card left over. That last part lately a lot. Not so much fun. I think we’re on perk 6. I look forward to completing it.

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