Daily Bonus Rewards list

Hi Everyone, I’ve been working on this list for a while, and continue to update it.

If anyone happens to be working on days 278 - 295, those are still blank for me (and I’m getting there in about 3 weeks on one of my accounts) I like knowing the days we get 30 minutes of free things before I log in, especially now that I’m trying to log in more often to share coins. LOL. So feel free to use this list, and if you could help me fill in the blanks, I’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Daily Bonus Rewards (webpage)

Daily Bonus Rewards (pdf document)


Sorry, but I too am missing one day (283), but I hope this helps:

278 1 Trap Torch
279 30 Min Mo’Mo’ Cards
280 Medallion
281 30 Min Free Play
282 1 Bomb Defuser
284 3,000 Coins
285 30 Min Mo’Mo’ Cards
286 1 Shark Hook
287 30 Min Free Play
288 1 Volcano Card
289 1 Wave Breaker
290 30 Min Mo’Mo’ Cards
291 1 Free Play
292 30 Min Golden Tiki Start Card
293 1 Trap Torch
294 30 Min Mo’Mo’ Cards
295 Medallion

433 30 Min Red Star Booster
434 3,000 Coins
435 30 Min Mo’Mo’ Cards


OMgosh! Thank you soooo much @Patti_Borrelli! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who documents this game! LOL

I realize that this is posted on the Solitaire TriPeaks Forum, but want to double-check first: Do you mind if we share this post with our teams? Thanks!

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@Patti_Borrelli, by all means, please feel free to share! :slight_smile:

Day 436 shark hook
Day 437 30 minutes free play

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Day 283 30 min red star booster

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Awesome! TY @155778!

Oh this is wonderful. Thank you so much for this. I logged on this morning, saw 30 min of momo cards, and didn’t really have time to play but…you know - use 'em or lose 'em, and off I went into TriPeaks land.

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You’re welcome @jujubee6. I know exactly what you mean … and it’s ok if you can squeeze in the 30 minutes, but I can’t tell you how many times I had to give up my 30 minutes because I just didn’t have the time :frowning:

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Thank you so much-this is so helpful. I try to look ahead each day so I know what to expect, but sometimes I forget. The 30 minutes is sometimes a pain, especially when I log on in the middle of the night to send or ask for coins-I wish that you could use it anytime on that day.

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Thank you! This is helpful!


I think I messaged you but I found a player on my team that could help, she’s going to be on day549 Tomm and said she will give me what she gets and I can get it to you if you don’t have that far …I love your list

I hate to sound dumb but are these the days from when you started playing !?? Is there a way to know what “day” you are on ?

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@Boydsles yes there is a way to tell what day you are on.
-it’s in your inbox
-under rewards tab
-you may have to scroll to the bottom

See it there my day is 256.


Thank you ! Also wondered why people give coins ? It’s very nice but usually I don’t have enough to return the favor !?!

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@Boydsles, it’s not really giving from your bank of coins. When you tap to give coins, TriPeaks gives them 3,000 coins, without taking any from you :slight_smile:


Is there a way to check how many wild cards and boosters you have without playing a game ?

There used to be a way but that changed a while back. I haven’t seen any other way. If there is, I hope someone shares!

Hi Cindylu!

Greeting from the great state of Texas.

Day 550 was a Diamond Chest, 551 was 30 min free play.

What is the best way to keep you updated, if you’d like?

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