Anyway to remove nonplaying members in boat race?

We have a pretty much solid crew (on reg club)…but some members qualify for boat race, and refuse to play (only qualify to get the bonuses)… Its not fair to the rest of us,who are really playing, to move our yacht thru the waters and obstacles. EVERY WEEK… how can we block or remove non players from boat? I know thats harsh, but its frustrating to the rest of us who are playing…thank you for your input.


Have you simply asked them not to join the race if they’re not going to participate? That’s what we did on our team and now the only ones who play are those willing to spend obscene amounts of coins and use up their boosters, wilds, and/or volcanos to get 20k in coins and a few free plays as a reward.

If you’ve asked them not to enter without participating and they are still doing so, I would simply remove them from the team since they’re obviously not team players.


The moderators have, non-chantly asked ppl if they qualify to pls play (not hard to get atleast 3pts)… But…
They do contribute to the group as a whole, so we dont understand why they wont during yacht races??
Thanks for responding.


We havw put in our club notes that if you qualify for the race you participate in the or you can be removed. It seens to work for us…


first…if they wont respond in chat, start looking for players. communication is paramount to well functioning team! I had similiar issue with gold dig and race…we have 20 shovel min and 150 pts for race… I give one warning…if u dont have coins and bonus cards to win…dont play… do it second time and u r booted! lost 3 one week, but never had issue again after learning I meant it!


I am the same way. It is in the rules, if you qualify you play or be removed. I give a warning on the off chance they don’t understand what that means, if they don’t understand again, why keep them, they are not team players.