Anyone tested how much the Gold Tiki card helps?

Has anyone tested to see how much more they win when using the Gold Tiki card as opposed to when they don’t have it?

We also think there is a big difference between players who are playing the newest islands (Tiki Paradise) vs. those who are playing the first islands (Tiki Beaches). The Tiki Paradise folks get more benefit from the gold tiki card.

Our team is discussing how much of an impact the Gold Tiki card really has… especially if we played level 6 earlier, then we would give up all the bonuses for the entire week in levels 1-3. (It takes us most of the week to win level 6.)

I’m interested to hear what others who have been playing awhile have noticed.

Gold Tiki resolves most of the levels because you have the upper hand to start where ever you want
I win 3/4 with gold Tiki
Thank you

I win many more games starting a hand with Goldie, and complete more streaks too. :slight_smile:

I love the golden tiki! Once we have it, I am able to bank most of my boosters especially wild cards, and winning for myself is more probabale versus not having it. We normally get perk 6 done Monday,sometimes by Sunday!


I must be doing the gold tiki card wrong. I just don’t understand it. I have it let’s say you have no option on where to put it. I say put my king on it. Then it is under and I have nothing from there. I am just not getting it…lol

@Princess48 ,
Golden Tiki Card is a Wild Card you must use immediately. Hope this helps. :wink:

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The ability to 1) use a card immediately and 2) choose where to use it is very helpful. These 2 factors makes it worthwhile to forego the other perks EARLY on. Now if you don’t get perk 6 until very late in the week, then it may he better to get the other 5 perks instead.

I went from a club that only got the first 4 perks to a club that gets perk 6 on day 3 and it was noticeably better for me in terms slowing my coin burning rate and accumulating club points faster.