An open letter to Sony Mismanagement

Dear Sony Mismanagement,

Since you aquired GSN, there have been numerous things that have angered the community of players of this game. Yet time and time again, you ignore the wishes of the players (your customers).

Question #1
Isn’t the first rule of business to LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS?
Yet you keep sending us surveys asking about events etc. We have been telling you for over 3 years that we HATE the scavenger hunt, yet what event occurs the most often? The scavenger hunt. You ask about Roko power ups (which haven’t occurred in almost a year now, the same timeframe as the great race. Every event now is either a scavenger hunt or win new levels or a combination of both.
Since you seem to like sending out surveys, but seem to ignore the results, here is a survey question for you:

  Why don't you listen to what your customers are telling you in the surveys?

A. Sony employees are stupid
B. Sony employees are mentally retarded
C. Sony employees are morons.
D. All of the above.

A lot of people quit just over 3 years ago in protest of all the scavenger hunts around the time just after Sony bought GSN. This included a few Legend league teams that are among those spending the most money on the game. But of course Sony Management in its infinite stupidity brought back the scavenger hunt under different names like find the emeralds, find the rubies, etc. A scavenger hunt by another game. If you really thought your users werent smart enough to know the difference, then you are the truly dumb ones.

The other brilliant move was to change the shrine. Yes people were “buying” the shrine to get boosters cheaply. So instead of simply not allowing people to buy the shrine anymore, you change the shrine to devalue all the medallions. This is akin to going to see a doctor because you have tennis elbow and his solution to the problem is to amputate the arm. I strongly recommend you put the old shrine back and just not allow people to buy the shrine. They aren’t buying it anymore anyways since it is no longer adventageous to do so.

In a sense many of the problems are because Sony has never even tried to understand how and why people liked playing this game. Get off your arses and actually play this game on some different devices. Learn how much you people messed this game up. It used to be fast and responsive, but hasn’t been in a long time. Android games need to be compact because other Apps are running on the same device unlike the Playstation. Programming style for this game versus playstation games should be totally different. But you don’t seem to comprehend this simple fact. A programmer is not a programmer.

Usually functions of programs or games need to be justified to remain in the game. When the club champs crowns were created over 3 years ago we were told that all club champs playing in platinum or higher clubs would be given an extra chest every so often (assumed to be like double rewards week in red star league (once a month). No chest rewards have ever been granted as I have been top 3 every week in our club which has been platinum or diamond.
Why does this feature still exist if it isn’t being used? And the book of special icons and achievements. Nothing new has been added since Sony took over, so why does it still exist?
Oh, and the boomerang option really slows the game down significantly. People only have so much time a day to play. They want the game to play well and responsively. GSN knew to make easy levels to make people feel good about themselves and the game. But you have cut streak payoffs so much since taking over that on some levels you may win the level, but lose coins in doing so (without buying extra cards). That should NEVER happen. Just another example of Sony GREED.

The sad truth is that if this game was released today as a new game, it would be dead on arrival. Fact is it plays way too slow for an android game. People want something responsive, the response on this game has continued to get progressively worse. More bugs now than there ever were when GSN still ran things.

Lets get to the other point now. It has become painfully obvious that EVERYTHING that is changed in this game is done to try to generate more money. Get more players interested and the money will come. But the GREED of Sony Mismanagement couldn’t possibly be more obvious. The reason for the scavenger hunts and win new games is because they require more coins and boosters, and thus cost more. Same with the competition. Why the super competition now? We have to play 37.5% more games (requiring more coins and boosters) for only 20% more gems. If you were interested in the players you would be awarding 50% more gems for the super competition.

Pushing people to win new levels simply means them finishing the new levels sooner. When you have played all the levels why continue playing? The whole point of why people loved this game as opposed to other solitaire games was the clubs and the social aspect there. What have you done to help and improve clubs in the social aspect? Absolutely nothing in the past 3+ years. Other solitaire games play quicker and are more responsive. As far as level play goes this game is by far the worst.

You had a big advantage when you bought this game. Covid came shortly after you bought GSN. Prior to this game play went through seasonal shifts with lower team scores in the summer when people got outside and active more. During covid people stayed home and needed entertainment and this fit the bill. But as people got back to normal and game play slowed, you just made things harder to generate more income without taking into account seasonality. Yet another bungled mismanagement decision.

I would love to hear what improvements you think you have made to this game since Sony took ownership of GSN?


Unfortunately, your post will fall on deaf ears. Scopely is the newest owner I believe it was a year ago


My guess is that Scopely will be made aware of this post. Whether or not it cares enough to do anything about it remains to be seen.

It is ‘comforting’ to know that there is nothing wrong with my android device and nothing wrong with my internet connection. The constant freezing and slow downs have me to the point that I’m ready to dump this - my favorite game of all time. Of greater concern is knowing that it is only a matter to time before this device dies. When that happens, my account will disappear, with no hope of retrieval. (An old account was linked to FB and I refuse to set up a second FB account.)

A note to Scopely about retrieving ‘lost accounts.’ Check out how Big Fish handles merges. They’ve got this down pat!!! Easy, peasy. A+++++. TP management - regardless of who owns the game - gets a solid F-!!! It’s not the fault of the customer service folks. They’re just doing their job.

If anyone knows of a good solitaire game - one whose management actually listens to its customers - that has clubs, please let me know!!!


I would love if the App operated smoothly. In the last year, the App is slow to respond, freezes, glitches, etc. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the App, restarted my phone, etc. and the App continues to malfunction. I’ve deleted the game altogether, as it is a waste of time to even open it any more. I used to love playing this game, not anymore! Fix the issues, because I promise more and more people will stop playing for the same reason!

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Obviously, not all devices operate the same. However, if you have a Samsung tablet, you may want to try some things that have reduced the freezing and slowdowns I’ve experienced with this app.

Clearing the cache and doing a ‘force stop’ help somewhat, but two things really make a difference. The first one a lot of people probably won’t do is clean out your Gallery!! I didn’t have a lot, but deleting some greatly improved the tablet’s performance. Secondly, go into the battery setting and optimize it. (I found this recommendation during an online search.)

I still think that TP is responsible for the issues expressed here; however, until it addresses those issues, these are the steps that have improved how my tablet acts while playing solitaire. Dare I say that my enjoyment of the game has improved?! :slightly_smiling_face:

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They don’t care about about what the player wants

OMG, I don’t know who you are but I wanted to say thank you :blush::+1:cuz I have been trying to say the same things but I couldn’t get as far as you so ty. I am so totally w/ you on all this but you said it ALL so much better & in more depth than I have gotten so far. Then what ticks me off even more is that they’ve been pretty much “trying to buy me & my team off w/ coins” as a sorry for their inconvenience, O’ Yeah rt & geeeez thanks. I’m not the only 1 on my team that have these problems & I told them that it’s not us,our devices, networks or even where we live cuz we’re from all over, hell even from different sides of the pond. I told the same thing you did & that was ; if you want to know why we’re all batching, get on & play your own game.
I also told them they took a game that used to be fun, enjoyable to the point that our team really isn’t a team, we’re actually real friends & that’s what kills us yet the loyalty we used to have to the game is no more it’s just to us & that’s pretty freaking sad. With all the freaking glitches/freezing they’ve taken a game that was fun & turned it into a damn chore. So ty for being so honest, I now don’t feel like I’m the only one feeling like I’m the only one banging my head against a brick wall. You’re awesome!


You have summed this up perfectly.

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We are getting less chests all of a sudden but playing the same amount. The cost for tributes and digs has gone up. Now no rewards on Facebook much!!. This is not fun!

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I AGREE COMPLETELY. App drops so much that I cant play anymore, I still give coins to friends, but thats about it. After exactly 23 messages back & forth to SUPPORT, ALL troubleshooting done many times it turns out they tell me its just MY FAULT, because they have " NO OTHER COMPLAINTS ABOUT CRASHES"!! ( really!!! OUTRIGHT LIE) and maybe I should “buy a new phone”… No thanks Peter (the condescending prick) I did weeks ago and have the same issue, friends with the same issue and he is just such a rude AWFUL HATEFUL man, I can’t do anything else so I am slowly letting the game go as I have no choice but I will miss my club & friends and just being able to PLAY. Good luck to you all :slightly_smiling_face:

Addiction is a terrible thing, whether it is to Mint M&M’s or TriPeaks Solitaire!!! I keep threatening to leave, but… I have a ‘family’ here and a nice little club.

I’ve found that things will improve (temporarily) on my Android tablets when I clear the cache and do a ‘force stop.’ When doing both of those things fails to help, I uninstall the game and reinstall it.

Note: With the app/game/company changing hands so frequently, I’m surprised that TriPeaks functions at all!!! Unfortunately, each new buyer ignores the MANY complaints about Peter and the other condescending customer service wage collectors.

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Another year on from the original post and things have got worse! When i had my own business i made sure my customers were happy…of course this wasnt an online business like Solitaire Tri Peaks…Why are you not listening to your customers? We love the game, want to spend more time playing it…Even if we have to watch the same ads over and over to get coins! The quest rewards have become not worth playing, other competitions in the game arent matched to the same level people are playing and a lot of people are talking about quitting! Thank you for changing the app so certain peop,e can trial a change to see who has maxed Quests…but why not have the leaders of the club do this? Why just 1 person in amteam? Itmdoesnt make sense! You send out surveys, we,are all asking for similar things but all u can see is how to collect more money! Wouldnt having more players join and watch ads earn you more money? Seriously…I am wondering if all players didnt play for 1 day, how much money would your company lose? Maybe thats how you might listen?